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Job Prospects

Graduates from the programme could be employed in the following areas:

  • Water Resources Institute.
  • Forestry Commission
  • Insurance and Business management
  • Transportation (Metro Mass Transport Company)
  • The Military and Security Services
  • Banking and Micro Finance 
  • Ghana Water Company.
  • Ministry of Health (Public Health and Health Statistics, Policy Planning, and Epidemiology Departments).
  • Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.
  • Urban Development Planning. 
  • Town and Country Planning Department
  • Survey Department
  • Environmental Management (Environmental Protection Agency).
  • Industrial Development Planning.        
  • Lectureship and Teaching in other tertiary and secondary levels
  • Population Council Secretariat.
  • Population Census Secretariat.
  • Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana.
  • Self-Employment.
  • Non-Governmental Organisations.
  • Research Institutions (Water Resources Institute, Forestry Research Institute, etc).
  • The Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies.
  • International Development Bodies/agencies (GTZ, UNO, World Bank, IMF etc).