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Welcome Message From The Head of Department

Kabila Abass
            Kabila Abass, PhD.

Welcome to the Department of Geography and Rural Development. We are pleased to have you  visit our website. At Geography and Rural Development, we explore the intricate relationships, exchanges and feedback among and between humans and the environment. This focus permeates the five (5) programmes we run at the Department.

  1. BA Geography and Rural Development
  2. BA Culture and Tourism
  3. MSc Geography and Sustainable Development
  4. MPhil Geography and Rural Development
  5. PhD Geography and Rural Development.

Our teaching and learning is a blend of theory and practice delivered in more interactive way through the use of modern tools, all designed to develop knowledge, understanding, cognitive skills and practical and professional competence. Facilitating the learning of our students is a top priority for our dedicated and highly qualified lecturers who are readily available and willing to support students. Take your time to explore our website and do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information or clarification. 


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